About Us

We have proudly supplied the Michigan Technological University community with textbooks, school supplies, apparel and other student services for over 100 years. This does not mean that we are done evolving; we strive everyday to anticipate our customer needs. If you have any suggestions or questions please email us at campusstore@mtu.edu. We would love to hear from you.

So what do we do with the money we make? We give it to the University.

We are University owned and any surplus funds go to Michigan Tech. We are independent and self-supporting; we do not receive tax dollars or tuition monies.

Whether you are a Student, Faculty, staff, alumni or visitor, any purchase you make goes to support Michigan Tech. When you shop in our stores, you are supporting the academic mission of Michigan Technological University, and you are helping students achieve their academic success.

Meet Our Staff

Merchandising Operations Manager: Elka Frahm
Campus Store Manager: Judy Zei
Merchandising Coordinator (Course Materials): Desiree Williams
Administrative Aide/Buyer (School Supplies): Shanda Miller
Administrative Aide: Erika Erkkila
Office Assistant: Amanda Marcotte

The Campus Store

906-487-2410 or email campusstore@mtu.edu

We sell textbooks, general books, school supplies, and Michigan Tech apparel, and souvenirs. Any questions about books, supplies and computer products should be directed here.

University Images

1-800-850-0688, 906-487-2969 or email uimages@mtu.edu

We sell Michigan Tech apparel and gifts. Questions about any of these items should be directed here.